nanOxiMet Final Workshop “Oxidative potential as a metric for nanomaterial grouping”

An interesting program (pdf) comprising lectures of international experts and nanOxiMet partners on nanomaterials (NM) and their oxidative potential concerning characterization, toxicological effects and possible grouping was presented.

International experts:

  • Prof. Flemming Cassee (RIVM and University of Utrecht, NL)
  • Dr. Keld Alstrup Jensen (NRCWE, Denmark)
  • Dr. Markus Kalberer (University of Cambridge, UK)
  • Dr. Ian Mudway (King’s College London, UK)

The presentations will cover:

  • characterization and “challenges” of NM especially of oxidative potential
  • toxicological effects of NM focusing on the three tiers of oxidative stress
  • OP as promising metric for NM grouping, in epidemiology and in regulation?

For further information on the workshop please contact Bryan Hellack via


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