Workshop Program

nanOxiMet Final Workshop: “Oxidative potential as a metric for nanomaterial grouping?”

May 2nd, 2016; DECHEMA, Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Theodor-Heuss-Allee 25, 60486 Frankfurt am Main

  • 10.00h–10.05h Welcome (Prof. Dr. T. Kuhlbusch, IUTA)
  • 10:05h–10.30h Characterisation of NM – Results of the nanOxiMet project (Dr. B. Hellack, IUTA)
  • 10.40h–11:05h Challenges in NM Characterisation in the framework of nanoEHS (Dr. K. Alstrup Jensen, NRCWE)
Coffee Break
  • 11.35h–12:00h Oxidant generation properties and Oxidative Stress – Results of the nanOxiMet project (Dr. R. Schins, IUF)
  • 12:10h–12:35h OP as a metric in assessing the toxicological potency of UFP/NM (Prof. Dr. F. Cassee, RIVM/University Utrecht)
Lunchtime (on own expense)
  • 13.35h–14.00h The three tiers of Oxidative Stress response – Results of the nanOxiMet project (Dr. L. Aragao-Santiago, UPD-BFA)
  • 14.10h–14.35h Validating the health relevance of PM oxidative potential in short and long-term epidemiological studies (Dr. I. Mudway, King’s College London)
  • 14.45h–15:10h Online determination of Oxidative Potential in PMx (Dr. Markus Kalberer, University of Cambridge, UK)
Coffee Break
  • 15.40h–16.05h Oxidant Generating Capacity as a metric for grouping of nanomaterials – Results of the nanOxiMet project (Prof. Dr. T. Kuhlbusch, IUTA)
  • 16:15h–16:45h Discussion on the Oxidant Generating Capacity as a promising additional metric in regulation